coffee enthusiast

I’ve got a mouth on me.  Well, I mean everyone has a mouth on them, but mine tends to spit out words one would only hear if they were a sailor.  I’m really only half sorry ’bout it.

I have always loved taking photos.  In high school & college, you could always count on me to get the perfect Myspace (lolz)/ Facebook/ then Instagram shot of my friends. Today, I still love capturing life’s most fun and memorable moments for others.  Taking photos that people love, truly brings me joy.  In fact, nothing makes me happier than hearing “holy shit, this photo is awesome”.

Everyday I come home to the most handsome husband and the sweetest Rhodesian Ridgeback pup on earth.  We generally call it a night around 8:00 pm, and you can find us cuddled up watching whatever 45 minutes of browsing Netflix results in.

I have an obsession with coffee, giraffes, and my dog.  Oh, and photography.